Preston Specialties, Inc.

Your problem solving source for all your product packaging needs.

 Whether it’s internal protection for your products or shipping protection to keep everything safe during the transportation process we can custom design pieces to meet your specific needs. None of us can afford to have merchandise returned due to damage caused in during the shipping process. Our packaging specialists help your precious goods arrive unharmed. 

Our Products

Interior Packaging

 Cushioning, corner and edge protection, anti-abrasion, enhanced stacking strength, and our unique preformed “U” and “L” channels are all considerations of interior packaging. Our products are laminated to insure extra strength and durability. 

Shipping Protection

 Protect yourself from in transit damage. Free-hanging dunnage filters, preformed corner protection, and rigid void fillers will keep your shipment on the pallet where it belongs. 

PSA Adhesive Lamination

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) is a special kind of adhesive which can stick firmly to a surface after brief contact under light pressure. We are dedicated to working with you to discover the most suitable pressure sensitive solution to meet your specific design requirements 

Corrugated Pallets

Our corrugated pallets are a great one-way shipping  solution. Light weight, recyclable, stackable and easily disposable our pallets are a perfect solution for your high-volume shipment needs.